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31st October deadline for November Edition
As agreed at our conference this weekend, the next edition of Slaney Street is scheduled for early November. This issues will focus on the upcoming »
Minutes From Slaney Street Conference 18.10.14
The Slaney Street Conference was held in Balsall Heath on Saturday, and the minutes from the event are available below. Although we were a small »
The Peoples March for the NHS.
  By Brian Sheridan From the 16th of August to the 6th of September 2014 a group of women from Darlington, known colloquially as the “Darlo »



Co-operative movement votes to support Students For Co-operation
By Morgan Lalor Recent weeks have been very eventful and exciting for students involved in creating the Birmingham Student Housing Co-operative, a nine bedroom property that is close to Birmingham »
Arrests at nuclear base as Trident protests reach new level
The Burghfield wing of the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) in Berkshire has seen its biggest protest in years, with the three road entrances to the site blocked for nearly five hours this »
City Children’s homes closures harms young people
By Jolyon Jones The closure of two council run children’s homes adversely affected the young people who were displaced and moved on. According to OFSTED the young people received a poor »
MI5 accused of complicity in torture of Birmingham resident Ahmed Diini
By Daniel Lindley Ahmed Diini is a 25 year old man originally from Somalia, however he and his family fled the country for Europe when he was 3 years old at the height of Somalia's civil war »

culture & reviews

By Leilani Rabemananjara Set up in traverse I looked down the spotlight into the eyes of Nigel Francis, already sat in character as ‘One.’ His eyes were elsewhere, his hands grasped desperately »
Catch 22 at the Rep – Stunning All Round! Five Stars
By Leander Jones I must say, as I stood outside the Rep theatre smoking a cigarette, I was more than a little skeptical about the performance I was about to watch. I had read Joseph Heller's »
Review: Circles at The Rep
By Blanche Pope and Lucy Whalley Circles - a play set on a bus The theme of Circles, the latest play by Rachel De-lahay, is abuse, with the women, in this case the victims of abuse, at the »


Increasingly commercial Cricket is shutting out fans.
Clive Walder Edgbaston Cricket ground. Photo Wikipedia. Cricket is beginning to catch up football in terms of money pouring into the game from broadcasting rights and although a small portion »
The World Cup Groups A and B
Jozef Brodala is providing Slaney Street with full coverage of the 2014 Fifa world cup in Brazil, starting off with a round up of predictions and thoughts on the opening groups, he will also be »
Formula 1: The season so far
Mercedes domination Mercedes have left behind their midfield performance of the last few years and are well and truly dominating the season so far. They have had four poles, four wins (three »


Podemos, Syriza, Left Unity: Doing politics differently
By Edd Bauer Last night Left Unity Birmingham hosted an impressively large event with 100 plus attendees in a packed out conference room in the Quaker meeting house on Bull Street. The »
By Robert Brenchley For the second year running, Bar Risa provided a home for the EDL before its rally on 11 October, by the Hall of Memory at the top of Broad Street. They claim police ‘forced’ »
By Mae Rohani It is disturbing to see the tendency towards social and welfare services and tasks being delegated to volunteers. These continue to multiply without provision for improvement in »